Thriftiness of Time

We’ve been talking about thriftiness here on the blog pretty often. What we haven’t covered yet is being thrifty with our time. A wise homemaker will look at her time the way many businessmen do. “Time is money,” is not just a term for the business world. It applies to the stay at home parent just as easily. Often, if there isn’t time to cook a meal, we have to pay for takeout. If there isn’t time to go to the thrift shop for clothing, then we have to pay much higher retail prices. If there isn’t time for a small side business, less money comes into the home. There are so many things that take us time, but are so inexpensive if we have the time to do them. I like a list, so I thought I’d make us one today!

*Treating stains vs. buying new

*Cooking vs. buying unhealthy takeout

*Thrift shopping vs. buying retail

*Make it vs. full retail

*Foods from scratch vs. Convenience foods

*Home school vs private school tuition

*Cleaning house vs. paying a maid

*Proper care of clothing vs. throwing it in the dryer once more

*Home improvements and repairs vs. hefty contractor bills

*Sewing items for the home vs. pricey home decor stores

*Budgeting and planning vs. flying by the seat of my pants with money

*Time to produce and product and sell vs. no product and no time to market

*Gardening vs. expensive produce at the grocery store

*Clipping coupons vs. full price at the grocery store

*Watching for online deals of what we need vs. full retail at the last minute.

*Gathering Christmas gifts year round vs. last minute dash, paying full price, and picking from what’s left.

As you can see, there are so many advantages to budgeting our time wisely. The next time I am tempted to spend an hour in front of the computer, I’ll remember that my time is valuable!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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