Coffee With the Mister


Every day, my husband calls me on his way home from work. He has quite a long commute, so we chat for a few moments, and then say, “See you soon.”

That’s when I stop what I’m doing and get moving in another direction! I spend time finishing whatever I was doing, then start the coffee pot. I read an article recently that suggested that you ask you husband what 3 things he wants done when he comes through the door every night. Coffee ready was on my husband’s list!

Although my husband has not specifically asked me to spend time in front of the mirror, I also do that every afternoon as well. There are times when I find that I have smudged dirt on my face about this time of day from cleaning something that was super dusty! If my clothing is stained from working, or my hair a mess, I spend a few moments fixing those up. This is not a full fledged shower, blow dry, then makeup session. It’s simply a mirror check to be sure I don’t have dirt on my face and clothes. I tend to also put a little perfume on at this time of day too, just in case!

When my husband enters the house, I try to meet him at the door. I give him just a few minutes to wind down, and then we sit down to coffee. We get a chance to talk over what has happened that day for each of us. He wakes early each morning and allows me to sleep in, so this is our main time of day to get caught up with one another. I try during the day to make note of things that would interest him, or major things happening outside our little home school and laundry. (Who wants to hear about laundry!!) Of course he listens patiently to laundry and dish updates, but it’s nice to have other things to talk about. Lately, it’s been my cute little lemon trees, and counting them as they sprout!

If you’re married, I strongly encourage you to work on the two things I just mentioned. Ask your husband what he wants done every evening when he gets home. Then do them! Also, carve out time from your busy schedules to spend ten minutes over a beverage, snack, or activity. Life is way too short not to connect with your spouse every day! =}


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