Print or Digital?

Would you rather…..


read a book in physical, print copy, or would you prefer a digital copy to be read on your Kindle or even phone?

Someone asked me this pointed question recently. I do love a good print book, so my answer is: both. Now, before you send me nasty-grams one way or the other, hear me out.

Print is a beautiful thing. The feel of real pages turning, the smell of the book, turning the very last page of a gorgeous book that changes your viewpoint. Yes, it’s all very romantic! I wouldn’t give up this experience for anything in the world, and so I’ll always be devoted to reading books in real life! We own several very old books, almost too worn to read, so those are definitely paper copies that we will cherish. Also, I’m a quilter. Quilt books, manuals, etc. also have a place in my library, because it’s so much easier to follow print instructions! That’s just the reality of the situation.

The opposite reality is that many, many books are read once and done affairs. I subscribe to digital magazines, podcasts, and Youtube channels. Digital content fills the gap of current affairs, as it concerns homemaking, beauty, and home decor. Imagine learning how to create a winged eyeliner from a print book! However, books are being self published at this point, and some of the best novels recently have come out of the digital world. (I’m looking at you The Martian.) Audio-books can be highly entertaining, although I take Modern Mrs. Darcy’s advice, and listen the second or subsequent read(s). You just would not believe how highly entertaining Pride and Prejudice can be in the auto shop waiting room! My last point about digital content is that it tends to be free or very inexpensive. That gives me zero excuse for not reading more!

In short, I think a reader is missing out if they choose strictly one genre or the other. The truth is, there are times when the choice is content driven, and times when it is price or convenience driven. I’ll be traveling a bit soon, so digital may be the only way to keep up with my reading material!

Maybe I’ve encouraged you to read, by one method or another! I hope you’ll give yourself freedom to read and absorb information in many ways. How do you like to read best? 

Print or Digital?


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