A Thrifty Few Weeks

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about our thriftiness habits. Today’s post includes some doozies, so let’s get to it!

First, I saved money. I do not mean that I spent money on something that was less than normal price. That is still spending, albeit wisely. No, I put actual funds into an actual account earmarked for actual big items. I saved, in other words, put money into savings. Especially when things are smooth sailing, saving is so very important!

Second, I ordered a dishwasher pump. Yes, we could have taken the dishwasher apart for the third time to see if there was something we could do to fix the current part. The cost of the part was 45 dollars, far less than the $1000 of replacing with an exact model. Better to order a 45 dollar part than spend countless hours trying to repair current parts, spend money to hire a repairman, or replace the appliance. Fervent prayers that this part fixes the whole problem!

Third, I drove less. It’s surprising to me how very much money is saved when I just stay home a little more often. Although running errands is a part of life, I’m confining those errands to particular days now, which has solved several problems. My housework is done easier, my pocketbook is happier, and I use less gas!

Fourth, and this is the big one, I’m encouraging my college age kids to CLEP rather than take a full class. If you’re unfamiliar, a CLEP test allows the student to take a test and get credit for a full class. A CLEP test is a hundred dollars. A full class is five hundred. For every class! If they want fun stuff like gas in the car, etc, they might want to take a few classes a semester that way!! With four children spaced apart just so, we’re going to be paying for college for many years ahead. So, it’s important that each child do what he or she can to pay their own way! It’s a tremendous opportunity for them to go to college and not have hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt when they are finished. They’re very fortunate, so they can contribute!

Are you saving money? How are you spending it wisely lately? I’d love to hear about your thriftiness in the comments!


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