Redecorating on a Shoestring

What better time for some redecorating than when hubby is away for a little while? In true fashion, I’m also sticking to a pretty tight budget for this project. Here are a few tips to make the decorating budget stretch!


*Clean. Yes, really. Wash windows, dust every little thing, polish the wood surfaces, and just do the little tasks that might not get done during the weekly clean. My main offender was dust, so I wiped down almost every surface including electrical cords! Cleaning gives you a shine-y place to start! Bonus points that it’s almost entirely free!

*Declutter.  I’m not suggesting that you go through and get rid of half your belongings, whilst becoming a minimalist. There is quite enough of that philosophy going around! However, approaching your things with an “everything in its place” mantra might be good for your decor.


*Consider painting. There are very few things that liven up a room like the right color. I suggest buying quality paint when it goes on sale, so this tip might require good timing. When I choose paint colors, I try to think long term, instead of living in the color of the moment. I choose a color scheme that already matches most of my home decor.


*Use what you have. Honestly, I start my shopping for a redecorating project with my own things. Shop your own closet! Change the photos in your frames. rearrange what you already like, and edit things that you’ve outgrown for the moment. I usually tuck away what I’m not using right then, or donate it back to the thrift shop, which is probably where it came from in the first place!


*Visit your thrift shop. After my own closet, the thrift shop is my favorite boutique! If you look for ways things can be used beyond their current state, it’s easy to see why an armload of thrift shop goodies are all the accent pieces you need.

*Sew something. (You knew I couldn’t let the moment pass!) Many of us have access to beautiful fabric either in our own stash, or inexpensively at the craft store. Sew up some pillow covers, or curtains if you’re brave. Start the bed quilt you eventually want, and one of these days it’ll be ready when you want to redecorate!

I hope these tips help you decorate on a tight budget. There are so many more ideas floating around in my head, so this might become a regular topic!


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