Thrifty Decor

My husband is staying in a nice hotel whilst he is away. He has daily cleaning services, gym, restaurant downstairs, etc, paid for by his company. Yet, he says he specifically misses our home, the physical space. He asks to see what’s new and praises my decorating efforts. However, each day is not a revolving door of new purchases. The change is often quite subtle, but I make an effort to brighten a space, change up the decor, or scrub an area in need each day.


Every day cannot be deep cleaning day. Neither can every day be the day you bring home a thrift shop score of large art. But slowly and surely, I clean or rearrange a bit each day. I’m thankful for the fresh perspective daily, and use that to my advantage in making lovely spaces.


I encourage you to put a little work into your home every day. Whether it’s a bit of window washing, or full blown redecorating, the people with whom you share your home will appreciate the details and the work. When you have the time, cleaning is almost free and makes a huge difference. When time is short, maybe change your table decor and call it a day! Like our appearance, a home often needs looking after. We would probably never go without filing down a hang nail or brushing our teeth. Yet sometimes we expect our home to run on autopilot, plopping the mail wherever it lands or “forgetting” to run the vacuum. (That last one is me, by the way! =}) Chores add up and make us grouchy, so my mantra has been to do a little every day towards keeping a well run home! I hope you’ll join me!

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