Project Thriftiness

About a month ago, I started a chronicle of my thrifty decisions, inspired by another blog who lists her thrifty conquests each week. I don’t want to copy Harvest Lane Cottage, however, I do want to spur readers to take on this project of being thrifty with us! When it becomes a way of life, oh how glad you will be!


This week I’ve been thrifty with my hobby budget. I have a little stash of fabric built up, and plenty of supplies to make different things. My only hindrance is having time to complete said projects! I’ve written several posts about quilting inexpensively, most notably 10 Ways to Quilt Cheap or Free. Here are some thrifty ways I’ve stretched my quilting dollars this week in particular.

*I’m finishing an almost complete project. My son’s Star War’s quilt has been on the backburner for months, with all supplies bought and ready to go! I needed to baste the quilt sandwich, do the quilting, then bind it.

*I purchased a few supplies with my Etsy fund. I have two shops on Etsy, one for fabric, patterns, and finished sewn items, and one for gorgeous glassware. This week was good, and I feel as though the shops fund my hobby.

*The supplies I purchased were for Christmas gifts I found several items on sale that would be great for my family members. I would tell you, but they read the blog! That one will have to wait!


*I’m making a few things for the house. Encouraged by the fact that I have similar fabric, and know how to make ruffles, I’ll be attempting to make a pillow with the same feel as this one. For much less!


*I’m planning and working on a few other projects that don’t require any additional supplies, yet. This one will need backing and batting soon enough, but for now it can remain a top. There’s no sense in buying supplies to finish all the quilts when the work can only be done one at a time!


*I’m planning some patience in the hobby department. This quilt will be hung on a hanger, awaiting the necessary supplies and time for quilting and finishing. It does not yet have a planned home, so time is on my side!

*I’m working on what I can. I have 11 finished quilt tops hanging in my closet. Some are awaiting backing, and all are awaiting batting. Some of them just haven’t had my attention! I’m working to match or piece a backing for each hanging top.

*I’m taking stock. With winter approaching, and a bit more time to sew, I’m taking stock of what I might can finish this season. I’m taking stock of what’s needed, and realizing that it’s not as much as I thought! I love when that happens. Not nearly as much crafting funds are needed, more crafty time than anything. I’m already thinking about the ones that will get my attention this season, and the ones that can wait a while longer!

Happy Sewing to you all!


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