Black Friday Thriftiness

Do you do Black Friday?

There’s nothing quite so unequivocally American as Black Friday and its ensuing capitalism. I didn’t see any bad behavior this morning, which is always a blessing!

I shopped online in the wee hours, then headed back to bed for a short while before shopping in person. My online deals were items we needed, and a couple of gifts. This is THE time to buy things from Lilla Rose and Dainty Jewells. I will tuck away many of the items I found for gifts.



My “in person” haul was from Michael’s craft store. I needed buttons-check. Their Christmas ribbons are deeply discounted, so I found generic ribbon for year round gifting. I found a planner, which was on my long term wish list. I’ve been wanting to try this style of planner, but was too stingy (thrifty?) to pay full price for even the inexpensive brands!


I added a few other items for planning purposes to my cart,

which were also on deep discount!


I was content with my Michael’s haul,

and the online shopping I was able to do during the morning hours.

I’m thankful in this season of thankfulness and giving

for what I already have!

Lovelies, I wish you great deals and a fun start to the season! 



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