Gift Giving Organization

Are you a planner? =} I could be a planner kind of girl.

My husband says to me, “What is it with you and a plan?”

He is mostly not a planner!

For us, gifting requires some sort of plan. With several dozen gifts on our list,

if momma wants to have a good holiday, a plan is just the thing.

Here are some great ideas to get you organized for the holiday!


*Start with a list. Pinterest has plenty of printable lists, and I just linked a big ole search for you! Save as a picture, then print it out. Keep it with you when you go out, just in case you find yourself with extra time or near a shop you need to visit.

*List all your recipients. This will help you with the next step!

*Budget. It’s no small secret that holiday spending is out of control. Budget total spending, then each gift amount or amount per person. Then you must stick to it!

*Brainstorm within your budget. My husband is good at this step, so we sit over coffee in November and giggle about what to buy our kids!

*Begin to shop slowly but surely. If you haven’t already picked up a few gifts, think about where you must go for each item. Batch your items by shop, then stop by one or two on your errand days. There is absolutely no reason for shopping yourself to death.

*Order it now. If you’re planning an online purchase, order early. You will avoid so very much stress that way! I probably don’t have to tell you how busy the post office is right now.

*Assess your gift wrap and tape needs. Oh, how many times I have run out of tape on December 24th! It seems to be the one thing even a planner forgets. Pick these items up when the gift wrap selection is still pretty! Also, consider the dollar store for these basic items.

*Accept the crafting facts. It’s much too late to make three or four full size quilts for Christmas. It is much, much too late to have anything longarm quilted. There probably isn’t time to make all the ornaments for your tree, either. I strongly recommend letting these ideas wait until next September, and only tackling one, maybe two craft projects during the season. Nothing spells disaster like last minute gift making mania! Give yourself the space to not.

I hope this helps you in your quest to make Christmas joyful and pleasant for everyone, including yourself or your designated Christmas manager!

Happy Holidays!



2 thoughts on “Gift Giving Organization

  1. I really like your idea of planning and having a list when it comes to gift shopping and giving. I used to shop for gifts but don’t shop anymore as everyone who was on our list has more than they need. It was fun at the time though. I consider myself a planner. Keep the idea’s coming, it is fun to read what you do.

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    • Thank you for your kind words! Several people on our list seem to have every little thing, so we keep gifts simple and heartfelt. In fact, I tend to spend less time and money on gifting, and more on fun things like movie night and baking day! I hope you’re having a joyful season!


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