Advent Calendar 2016

We decided to do an advent calendar this year!


I found a great shelf at Goodwill,

then wrapped each gift with kraft paper.

I added ribbons and pre-made number stickers,

and the calendar is ready!

(Your local craft shop should carry these pre-made stickers or tags in the scrapbook aisle!)


For the moms out there wondering how I will keep it fair between four children, I’d like to share our method. We’re going youngest to oldest, over and over. Meaning, there are 24 days to count down, and each child has 6 presents, labelled with a tiny initial on the bottom. The first present is for the youngest, the second for the next child, etc. Each child will receive 6 gifts total, and won’t get bored with whose turn it is! If we do forget whose day it is, they are labelled! I would strongly recommend some sort of shorthand for each of your children. Mine are easy because they all have a different first initial. Christmas gifts {unwrapped} are usually labelled this way as well.


Next year we’ll start earlier and maybe create a calendar with “events” like baking day, new movie night in, or new movie night out. I chose not to spend very much per gift, and many of the items are from the dollar or under five dollar store. The whole idea was less than 50 dollars, including the thrift shop shelf, making it a low cost addition to our holiday festivities!

I hope this inspires you to find a way to count down to Christmas!

What fun to visually see how many days left until we celebrate the Savior’s birth!


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