Realism Not Feminism

I’m a realist. I tell people that all the time, and I mean many things by it!

Today, I’m talking about reality versus feminism. The term feminism calls to mind a type of woman who is personally going to fight tooth and nail for her right to every little thing. That is NOT necessary or acceptable in a polite society. Let’s compare and contrast a few of these ideas, and see what you think of them!

*I must fight for my right vs. God given rights.

We believe, in this country and in our home, that rights are inalienable and given by God. They are not a commodity that even the government can take and give at will. There is a quiet truth, and I don’t back down from those. But here in the real world, there are things you must either accept or allow them to make you bitter. I choose acceptance!

*Others must behave vs. Controlling my own reactions.

Feminism at its core is honestly a control thing. In the real world, I do not have control over others. I have control over my own words, actions, and to an extent, environment. I don’t have to accept others who are nasty people, but I can’t “make them behave”. And frankly, if they are nasty enough, I can make sure they don’t have a place in my life.

*Men are the problem vs. men are human too.

This point rankles me when feminists pretend that men are just the very devil. Most men I know are struggling with their own set of problems; they are human and trying to glean wisdom from Scripture just like Godly women are! There are, of course, horrible acting men out there. Just like there are horrible acting women.

*You can be everything vs. you can be what God made you.

Women are capable beings. I’ve changed tires, fixed appliances, and done physically challenging work in my lifetime. But never, have I ever thought I could be in two places at once. Never have I assumed I had more than 24 hours in a day, 16 waking hours if I was lucky enough for a whole night’s sleep. What possesses some women to assume that they can, indeed, handle every crisis and problem in their lives alone? God did not create you to depend solely on yourself! You need Him, and you need others to include men.

*I can do what I want vs. Have a few manners.

Oh my. I see so many women acting foolishly and rudely. Towards men, yes, but also to children, each other, cashiers, waitresses, waiters, you name it. If you are mean to a cashier, you’re not going to get the best side of him or her either. Heaven forbid you need something once you’ve shown your backside!! That will not do. If you were not taught good manners, choose to put one new thing into practice each time you interact with people!

*Taking vs. already being well aware of blessings

I have many, many blessings in my life. In this country, we have running water. Even the “slums” of America have roofs, toilets, cars, and clean water to drink. Ninety two percent of the world does not own a car. Most American families have at least two. With this perspective, I can only shake my head at other women who are trying to “get all they can”, and feel that someone “owes them”. No, dearies, you’re blessed!


Well, there you have it, my soapbox for the day! As I see other women act so, so rudely and meanly to others, I just cringe. I hope, if this is something you do, that you’ll take it to the Lord in prayer. Putting yourself before every other person on the planet will never convey Christ’s love.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Or have you, too, seen women acting this way in public?


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