Care Packages

I recently packed and sent off a care package for my Mr. Wonderful. It had to be in the mail pretty early, and it has to pass all sorts of rigorous Postal standards. I realized when I finished, that I could be somewhat of a care package expert, having done this many, many times before! Here’s some of the best ideas I have for you all, should you be needing to send off a care package to a loved one overseas or a missionary!


*Small and light is best. I love things that come in small packages, and this is no exception. Small, flat, or lightweight items make great things for care packages!

*Add a little candy. Really, unless your recipient hates it, candy is great. It’s small and it makes people happy! Stick to hard candy, because you never know what the chocolate will have to go through! For good measure, you can add a few packages of nuts or crackers for the salty taste! Small, individually wrapped snacks are best, and have the advantage of being able to be stuffed around other items.

*Pictures and letters are good. As inexpensive as it is to have a family portrait done, they make a good inclusion in a care package! A small, unbreakable frame is also a good gift!

*Often, your recipient will have water, hot and cold, available. Drink mixes make awesome care package gifts, as do instant coffees, teas, and foodstuff that can be made from hot water! Bonus points that all these things are lightweight!

*If you include any liquids, which you probably should not, they have to be small. I usually abide by the TSA rules and make them travel size, and put them into waterproof bags. Likely, your package is going on a plane ride!

*Small toiletry items also make awesome gifts. My packages go to my guy, but girls need all sorts of small pretties. For me, I usually stick to nail care sets,  mustache or beard accouterments, and clothing accessories. One year, I bought my guy cuff links from an amazing Etsy seller called Bullet Designs.

*Consider consumables. That way, your recipient won’t need to figure out how to send those things back, or bring them which includes baggage fees. Foodstuff, toiletries, and things that can be passed to the next person make good care package items.

*Go flat rate. When you’re packing something that will go within the US or APO’s, consider a flat rate or regional rate box. This one step can save you quite a bit of money on shipping!

I hope this helps you all when packaging care packages for soldiers or missionaries! What a fun thing to do at the holidays!

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