A Thrifty Pre-Christmas Week

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the house, we’re saving our pennies and making them count!

*Inspired by a book I absolutely love called Chic and Slim, I’m cleaning out my wardrobe and accessories. This gives me more space in my closet, lets me see what does not work for my lifestyle, and gives me the added bonus of knowing what’s on my thrift shop list. Hopefully all that adds up to less style mistakes in the future, too!

*Most of my Christmas shopping was done on or before black Friday. I was able to get the best prices possible for the items on the gift list, and this gives us the added benefit of having some extra pennies to rub together in December!

*We’re having thrifty stocking stuffers this year, going with items that are not expensive, but are also not junk. My teenagers need chargers and earbuds constantly, so those make good stocking gifts!

*We didn’t buy Christmas decorations this year. With an artificial tree, and plenty of merriment to go ’round, we used our decorations in new ways this season! The only addition we found we wanted was a fresh bouquet of flowers, all of 4 dollars at ALDI!

*We grocery shopped at ALDI, and found a beautiful ham that will be just right for the season. Instead of spending the crazy expensive costs for a pre-made ham, we opted for Momma’s ham! We may pick up some turkey pieces to roast for my non-ham eaters.

*We made an agreement not to exchange gifts with part of our family. This seems a little harsh, but remember that we’re all operating under the umbrella of “enough”. If you have “enough” in your home, you might consider getting off the gift merry-go-round, too.

*We paid extra on bills. We’re not at Dave Ramsey’s step 7 just yet, so we have a few bills left to pay. We’re always happy to put extra towards those items, and give ourselves the gift of a little more financial freedom!

*We’re eating healthier. Funny thing is, vegetables are always less expensive than their prepackaged pseudo-food alternatives. I’m enjoying being in the kitchen more, and making delicious but healthy food.

*As the season for healthier choices is upcoming, I’m following advice from several sources, and letting my everyday work be my exercise. I’ll be shoveling my own driveway, raking my own leaves, and cleaning my garage for winter physical work. All free, unlike a gym membership!

*We’re listening to lots of Christmas music and spreading the cheer around. We’re doing holiday parties with a little face glitter and some pretty fake jewelry. (Trust me, with a little glitter, you probably have something in your closet just right for parties!) We’re using up the odds and ends wrapping paper. And we’re making sure to dance and sing a lot! Talk about beating the early winter blues!

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday season! Big Hugs!


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