Less But Better

Many years ago, I worked at a thrift shop in Italy, on a little Army post, where we were stationed care of the military. We lived in a tiny, tiny European apartment blocks away from Mr Wonderful’s job and all the amenities. Looking back, it was an ideal situation for walking and enjoying life in Europe!

At the time, we found ourselves in the unenviable position of having more household items than we had space to hold them. When we were first married a few years prior, we were given household goods from both parents, a very good thing when you must have a couch!

At this thrift shop, it was not unusual to have gorgeous household items come through and be sold for pennies on the dollar. My first lesson was that things are not as valuable as we think. Unfortunately, more often than not, a psychical item loses its value rather quickly. Best to find something used, honestly!

I worked with a particularly astute group of ladies, with whom I often engaged in deep philosophical discussion. It was absolutely wonderful to work there for that reason! One such lady was of a certain age, and clearly had her fill of lovely things. She brought many of her own items in to the shop to sell. When quizzed, she simply said she was aiming for “Less But Better”.

Obviously, her words have stuck with me many years. I often think of those words when I declutter my closet. I wonder if I would prefer real pearls to the several strands I own of fakes? Would I prefer one good quality handbag to the half dozen in odd colors that I own now? Would I trade my six pairs of shoes for one well fitted pair that might last me years and years? I’m not often good at buying quality items that will last me a long time. I often buy the shiny, the new, the latest style, instead of looking at “Less but Better”.

How can we apply this wisdom to our homemaking, sewing, personal style, and kitchens? Do you think this is a worthy goal? 




2 thoughts on “Less But Better

  1. The more stuff I have, the more time I must spend organizing, cleaning and maintaining it. This leaves less time for obligatory and leisure pursuits. In most cases, “less is better, ” except maybe for my fabric stash…..


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