Financial Freedom

No matter what you’re homemaking duties may hold, at some point you are going to be dealing with money. In fact, one of the number one reasons for divorce is money, so it really is worth studying to find out how to do it right! In my travels and experience as a bookkeeper for our home, I’ve found some awesome resources for money, and I was hoping to share them with you today!

*Dave Ramsey. My, oh my, Dave is a wealth of information. (See what I did there?) When my husband and I both read Dave’s plan, we were able to improve our own goals and get on board with the timing and order of payments/savings. I loved “The Total Money Makeover”.

*Mr Money Mustache. This is a website, and I cannot personally vouch for the cleanliness of the author’s speech. That said, there is awesome, life changing advice going on in those posts. I go there every few months, catch up a little and adjust my attitude, and then I’m able to stay on track financially.

*”Your Money or Your Life”. The concept in this book of “enough” is humbling and empowering. “Enough is a wide and stable plateau.” Just let it sink in!

*Southern Savers. Jenny, the owner of that blog, does a good job at being calm about using coupons and coupon codes. I’m often alerted to good online sales by her once a day email.

*ALDI. I save 150 dollars a week on grocery by shopping at ALDI and not buying the fancy junk food that they do not sell. Aldi sells all the wonderful ingredients to homemade meals. Making simple meals from scratch is a blast, and it means I save a ton of money.

*Cookbooks. Any cookbook that teaches you how to make food from scratch is going to serve you forever, not just until the novelty food item is no longer sold. I’ll share some of my favorites in a separate post!

*Plans. Make a plan for your money. Even if you miss the mark, you’ll be so far ahead of where you would have been without a plan at all!!!

Now, there are plenty of websites dedicated to money management from the perspective of grocery bills and coupons. I sometimes enjoy using coupons, but on the whole, it’s too engrossing. Extreme couponing is too extreme for me! I don’t like the mountains of shampoo when I need conditioner, or the constant flow of coupons for things I don’t need. I’m finding that it’s more cost effective to buy only and I do mean ONLY what is necessary, than buying ten of an item for a 4 cent discount.You’re not actually making enough money for your time, so please remember that in your efforts to save or make money!

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these resources for money management! Good luck to you as you go into this new year! 


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