A Quilt a Month


‘Tis the season to be planning! Fa la la la la la…..la la la la.

Tonight I’m planning my quilting goals for the year. I have a couple of ongoing projects, and a new item to start. Otherwise, I have 12, count them, 12 quilts waiting to be sandwiched and made into actual quilts. Since there is not time to quilt 12 tops this month or even next, I’m planning when those will get finished. My printed list got dressed up a bit from my planner accessories, but this is a good way to handle your project list. When I finish my quilt for the month, I’ll be free to sew (or not) on whatever new item strikes my fancy! Talk about relieving the quilt guilt!

Won’t you join me by planning to finish a quilt a month? Do you have a different plan? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!


3 thoughts on “A Quilt a Month

  1. This is a great idea. I am sure I will feel more focused if I make a list. Most of my projects are packed away, so I will have to start my list from memory rather than looking at tops hanging in the closet or quilt blocks in containers.


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