Reflections on 2016

Lessons learned from 2016…..

  1. Know thyself. I came off a particular medication early in the year and it messed me up properly. I knew better, but my doctor was convinced. I was right, and she has since “moved on” from the practice. I had  a rough summer as a result, and now, I’ll stick to my guns about what is right for my body!
  2. Always have good music. Music is one of the many pleasures of life, one of my favorites. Download Pandora which is free, and get a couple of good stations going. Play music when your mind needs to concentrate as well as when you “veg out”. Music is phenomenal for your brain!
  3. Track spending. Taking time to tally and track spending is so important to knowing where money is going. This process helps you identify leaks and sometimes gaping holes in your budget.
  4. Plan. After using a hodgepodge of planners and styles all together, I’m excited about using a single planner this year for life, and then a different one for school. There are a gazillion different ways to do this task, but be honest with yourself as you choose.
  5. Give Grace. As stated, I had a rough summer, which lead me to think about how others perceive me and me, them. You never know what a person may be dealing with that day, so give grace. Pass it out like candy!
  6. My husband is truly Mr. Wonderful. He puts up with so much junk from me! I try to spoil him like he spoils me. I think I’m losing that competition!
  7. Thrifty is fun! I enjoy seeing the bank balance rise and the bill payoff amount go down. That is my kind of good time! Being creative about needs and wants is the really fun part!
  8. Take a little time. I enjoy taking time for myself. Whether teatime or an afternoon out, I regularly treat myself with time to destress and decompress. Maybe for you, this takes the form of an afternoon walk, or yoga class. But, you need a little time to yourself to be sane. I promise!

I hope my reflections about what worked and what didn’t for 2016 has inspired you to think about what works and what didn’t this year for you! What have you done that works well?


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