Donation Bin Drab to Fab

Donation Bins.

They are the best friend and worst enemy of charity programs across the globe. What a treasure trove of cast off fabrics, a holding tank for possibilities! Only, they are heavy, clunky, and miserable to tote around. They require storage above and beyond the unfortunate quilter’s own fabric stash! While heading a QOV group, I can honestly say that managing donation fabric was both interesting and sometimes weighty, in more ways that one! With that in mind, I visited my new guild’s charity donation table last night. I was looking for anything that would inspire or match other things there! The two baby prints spoke to me beneath a mound of other things.


With a few other “found” yellows and pinks, I was well on my way to a proper fabric pull!

I knew hidden in my stash were just the right complimentary green fabrics for this set.


Now, isn’t that a lovely baby quilt beginning? I hope this inspires you to not be afraid of donation bins! They can be a fun challenge for the one making the quilt. As an added bonus, you will certainly make the manager of that donation bin quite happy to see the fabric used!


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