Marriage 101-Priorities

I love my husband. And, I know that he loves me. I’m secure in that knowledge. One of the many reasons we are both secure in our marriage is that we make the other person a priority.

Let’s face the facts, life is busy.  Other things crowd into our lives at a furious pace. How often do we seek out other people and spend face to face time with them? One of the many characteristics of a successful marriage is the time of energy put into maintaining a great relationship.

Time is precious. Time for your spouse is important and meaningful. Please don’t let trivial tasks take that time from you. Time management is important, not wholly so that we can  accomplish more chores, but because we then have time to spend on others. I want to encourage you to think about how your time is spent, and whether or not that reflects your heart and intentions. Many times, we intend to put “people first”, but it doesn’t often translate that way.

In practical terms, putting your spouse at the top of your “people first” list means doing, saying, or sometimes not saying, things to please him. He knows he needs to fix the garage door or the leaky faucet. (You told him twice! Haha!) Conversely, he may need something from you that day, like you making a phone call or cleaning a specific item of clothing. Not every day, but often, I will ask my husband if there’s anything I can do for him in the morning. He usually doesn’t have any chores for me, but is happy to be asked.

This is probably the moment to interject that often in our culture, we talk down to or about men. Men are people, who have feelings and reactions and opinions. I try to talk to and about my husband with the same dignity and respect I would want, and that I would certainly afford a friend, or even a perfect stranger. Running your husband down is not a good quality, and it says more about you than it does your spouse!

How about you? Do you have some awesome marital advice for other readers?


4 thoughts on “Marriage 101-Priorities

  1. I have a couple of pieces of advice, but one is easy to understand, if not enact. Don’t argue about something that isn’t actually important to you. Arguing for sport or to “win” is destructive.


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