Upcoming Projects

Now that I’ve completed the Nine Patch, which was my January finish, I’m picking up another unfinished project for a while! I’m beginning work on my Farmer’s Wife 1930’s quilt again. There are 99 blocks in the book, some of which I won’t be making. Some of them are time consuming at best, so I’ll replace those with simpler blocks. You’ll notice in the second picture that there are “extra” blocks made up for times when I’m flaking out!


I have a total of 58 blocks finished, and the goal is 100 blocks. The book calls for 126 blocks for a king size, but I believe I’ll be using a different setting than the book suggests. That said, I’m exactly 58% of the way towards finished with the blocks! Everything else is easy once the blocks are complete!


I probably will not bring all the blocks out of their notebook system until the block sewing is done. Did you notice the notebook system of organization? I printed the pattern for each block, then put those pages into page protectors. When the block is finished, it goes into the appropriate page protector, too. This way, I know which blocks have been made, I have an idea of color placement, and the whole project is contained in one book. I can put it and the pattern book away in a nice bag or container of some sort, and it’s all together for times like now, when I want to pull it back out!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Projects

    • I don’t know if this will be finished for February, but the tiny sized blocks are just right for a single session of sewing. They give me a sense of accomplishment for learning something new, but also only take an hour or two per block! I have given myself permission to finish whatever I can each month, so long as something is complete!


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