Some New Year Thriftiness

We’ve had an expensive few weeks around here, with car and house repairs needed! I’ve listed a few things we’re doing to make what’s left last!

  1. Cheap entertainment! The whole family has projects for which we already have the materials. For me, that’s literal. I have the fabric to make projects that are already started. No money needed, because the pattern and fabrics are on hand. For others in the family, there are foods to bake with ingredients already on hand, as well as other major projects started.
  2. More cheap entertainment! I’m encouraged to read and write more and spend less. The plethora of free Kindle books available is just mind blowing, and who doesn’t need time for clarity of thought and writing?
  3. Cleaning is free. I know I mention this one often, but a good thorough house clean is almost completely free. Declutter as you go, and you can change the way your home looks without a trip to Hobby Lobby!
  4. Pick a large cleaning project. Clearing clutter and taking off donations is also free, and may even save you money on taxes. Keep your donation receipts in your ‘current taxes’ file, then they will be handy when the time comes to file!
  5. Put ‘no spending’ on your daily habit tracker. (Oh my goodness!) While there are certainly times when I need to spend money (grocery or repairs), the daily money leaks are slowly being fixed. If I make it part of my daily goals, no spending becomes a habit, thankfully! The married money pot will be happy about this one!
  6. Focus on relationships. If we have time, but little money, there are often many things we can do as a family! Think games and home cooked meals, conversation and jokes, big projects or outdoor activities. This post is being typed as my four kiddoes play a game and are talking all at once and laughing at each other. It’s the best!
  7. Eat out of the pantry. It’s the New Year, and a great time for pantry inventory. See what you have, group like things together, and then eat things you can make from the staples you already have on hand! As an added bonus, you’ll be sure to use the things with the soonest spoil date, so that nothing is wasted!
  8. Learn something new! I’m taking time to learn a new skill in the last few weeks, which is taking brain power and not much else. You’d be surprised what all you can do that is worthy of your time when funds for fancy entertainments are low!

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