Sewing Machine Service

I’m having my big machine serviced this week. She gets a clean, oil, and adjust every year, and wow, does she run well when she comes home!


I’m thankful for this big machine and her capabilities, so she will be missed while she’s in the shop. I have a few things planned to do while she’s away. Here are a few ideas!

*Bind. There isn’t often time to hand bind a quilt, but the machine being away is a good excuse. I enjoy handwork and finishing things, so the task should be fun!

*English Paper Piece. I have a pretty, new (small) project in mind for this time frame. The English paper piecing should fill a bit of the evening time in which I normally sew a little on the machine. Bonus points: epp is portable!

*Kit. Often very nice quilt shops will make you a kit of a great pattern and sell the two together. I see no reason why I can’t do the same for myself. I’ll be doing some rotary cutting to make charm squares out of the donation fabric from my guild.

*Baste. If you do your own quilting, without a longarm, you’ll know that basting is quite a chore. I usually put it off, but without a machine, basting becomes a ‘stand alone’ task. I have two quilts to baste, which will be ready when the machine comes back.

*Write. I write patterns, but there are times when the pattern writing gets put on the back burner and sewing the sample the front. This week or two apart from my machine will give me time to polish the writing portion of patterns that will eventually be for sale!

*Somethin’ Different. If all else is finished in the quilting room,I could clean it or the rest of the house. (To put your mind at ease, I do actually clean my home, just not during quilting time!) Hopefully I won’t get bored enough to start work on my taxes!

What do you do without a sewing machine?


2 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Service

    • I do have a small spare machine, a featherweight, but she’s a little cranky. If I can get away with not pulling out my spare, I’ll be a happier camper! Yes, love/hate is the best way to describe having the machine in the shop!! Thanks for commenting and stopping in to say hi!

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