Lessons in Thrift

It’s been a thrifty few weeks around my house. We’ve needed to tighten the purse strings a little bit, and learn to live on less. Here are some ways we’re doing just that!

*Make it a habit. I have a daily habit sheet, where I tick off items that I should do each day. ‘No spending’ may not be realistic for every day, but it gives me a goal on days that I don’t have grocery or household needs.

*Wait. Waiting shows me often that I don’t really need an item, or that there is an alternative, much less expensive option. Realizing that you either don’t need something, or that you don’t need it right now, is freeing!

*Use the food you have. We have a stockpile of food that needs to be rotated and used. Anytime necessary, we can use foods from the pantry to create healthy dinners. A quick inventory of foods on hand for the three different meals per day can keep me from needing to take a trip to the grocery store!

*Use the decor you have. I want something this week, and there isn’t room in the budget. I want a rustic element on my table. I will probably use an old blue mason jar, filled with fake flowers pulled from my spring decor box. I may even find a way to get a wooden box of some sort in there!

*Do without. Doing without an expense or item isn’t that difficult. I can do without a latte, and get some great quality home brewed coffee. I can do without eating out, instead preferring to create a meal for my family. I can do without recreational shopping, instead tackling a large project or finding some other form of inexpensive entertainment.

*Look for free first. I like audiobooks, but I’m challenging myself to find items for free or almost free first. Honestly, I’m surprised when I realize the amount of things I use and need that other people are giving away! If you have a sharp eye, you can easily take cast of things and make your decor!

*Use it all. I have family members that do not like leftovers. I’m continually challenging myself to use all the leftover ground beef, or similar tasks! We save extra spaghetti sauce, which is used with fresh pasta.

I hope these thrifty lessons are helpful. What are you doing that saves you money right now?


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