Home School Progress

We’ve made it halfway!!!

Halfway through the homeschool year, that is. The halfway mark seems like an appropriate time for reflection on the methods that work, and some that don’t. I thought I’d share my ‘lessons learned thus far’ with you all!

*My two homeschoolers are audial learners. They like lectures and instruction blocks, followed by a series of questions or problems to verify understanding. One or two more practice sessions for proficiency, and they’ve mastered a concept!

*Lighten up. I’m learning to lighten up the approach to teaching some. School should be fun, because Heaven knows, we spend most of our lives doing school! We’ve brought in some fun games to reinforce what we’re learning.

*We go to the bookstore. Every month! You know how some moms complain about keeping their children in pants the right length, or shoes that fit? Well, we can’t keep books in the house that haven’t been read. Everyone has their own genre, and when we tire of reading, sometimes we’ve been known to write our own good ideas down! Needless to say, we read (and write) quite a bit!

*Teach real life. I’m teaching things this year that are needful to real life. Yes, we teach things in the format that the kids will find on their standardized testing, but they also learn how to make, grow, build, and balance a checkbook. I’m all about learning real life math, English they will need in college and to prosper in real life, and “adulting” skills.

*Make it fun. I don’t see any reason why we can’t make brownies while learning to follow instructions exactly. Kitchens are fantastic places to learn science! Patience and diligence are often learned by finishing a chore completely, so when my young fellow gets restless, I give him a simple chore to do. This gets him out of his seat, and teaches him to break up his work into manageable parts.

These are just a few of the things that are working for us in our homeschool! I hope you’re having a good school year, whether homeschooling or not! If you think about us, we would love it if you would pray for us, and for your local schools! This halfway mark is a busy time!


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