Spring Cleaning Checklist

I created a printable checklist for you all for spring cleaning! It details what I do in each room. The checklist is awesome because you can slide it into some page protectors, then use dry erase markers to mark through what’s finished. In this way, you’re able to keep track of what’s been done. My system allows for some interruptions (hello children)! It also allows you to use a small portion of time if that’s what you have available in your schedule.


I set realistic goals for myself. I give myself an entire month to do Spring Cleaning inside. Understand that this has to fit into normal life, so I’m not able to set aside a whole week to make the chores happen quickly! If I’m feeling energetic and adventurous, we’ll add or change a few decor items during spring cleaning. I don’t consider spring cleaning the time to do a major purge of stuff, address organization flaws, or redecorate an entire space. We work on those things during other times of the year!

 Happy Cleaning! Click on the link below for a printable spring cleaning checklist!



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