Marriage 101-Forgive

I’m so sorry to tell you this if you’re a newlywed. You’re going to eventually disagree with your spouse. It may even be an ugly argument. Fight fairly, and try to make your point without demeaning your spouse. When it’s all said and done, there will need to be some forgiveness. In fact, usually each of you will need to forgive the other, because very rarely is an argument one sided!

I look at older couples, the cute little couples you see at the grocery tore together. When I wonder in my head how they’ve stayed together, the Lord gently reminds me that they’ve forgiven each other. Over and over, they’ve chosen to forgive, adjust, and move on. Big things, little things, quirks about the other person, hurtful words, actions, and carelessness. It’s all forgiven.

I think that forgiving your spouse is one of the major keys to a long and happy marriage! It’s a choice, and one that you make because you love your spouse. True forgiveness also means not keeping track of their wrongs. I’m often reminded that I would hate for my faults to be on record in his mind! I hope you’ll grab hold of this powerful concept if you haven’t already! It’ll change your world!




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