Baby Bib Tutorial

A hand sewn bib makes an awesome baby gift, or a great beginner project for someone new to sewing! Here’s my tutorial on how to make this pretty one!



2 fat quarters (each 18 by 21 inches)

1 small piece of batting (about 14 by 18 inches)


Snap Maker and Snaps OR Sew-on Velcro

Embellishments (I used lace)

Junk CD (helpful but optional)


Cut off selvages, then cut both fat quarters and batting to 13 by 17 inches. For this project, the dimensions do not have to be exact, but the pieces need to match each other closely! Once your rectangle is cut, round your corners using your rotary cutter and a junk CD, a tea saucer, or proper circle cutter.


Press your bib in half lengthwise, which gives you a guideline for the next step.

CUT a neck hole, using a glass or something very close to 3 1/2 inches across/diameter. Position the neck hole about 3 inches down from the top of your bib.



Layer all three pieces (back, front, and batting). You want back and front to be right sides together, then batting on the bottom of your stack! Take this to the sewing machine, and sew around the edge, leaving a 5/8 inch seam allowance. Also, leave a short section (roughly 4 inches long) on the bottom of the bib to allow you to turn it right side out once sewn. Sew the seam, then clip as shown in picture around all the curves. DO not clip completely through the stitching!


Turn right side out through short opening in stitching! At this point, you need to take a minute to fuss with the fabric to get it all laid out right and pretty looking. The final result is well worth taking an extra minute or two in this step! Turn all the corners out prettily, then take the whole bib to your ironing board to press. Again, this step is worth it!

Once you’re ready, topstitch all the way round the edges of your bib, which will finish the main body of it. A topstitch is simply a decorative stitch that goes very near the edge, like you would see on jean legs!


Use your snap maker and put two snaps in the proper spots. Or, you can sew in velcro strips or dots! Then you’re ready for some lace or pretty trim if you’d like. There are so very many ways to trim these so they are adorable!


Voila! Easy baby gift or sewing project for new seamstresses! Happy bib sewing!

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