Frugal Cleaning Cloths

About two years ago, I bought some honest to goodness cleaning cloths from the Home Depot. (My awesome uncle calls this place simply, THE De-Poh, long o. I love it!) I mess them up properly, wash them, and they are far less expensive than disposables.

We use these cleaning clothes for everything. You can clean glass and furniture with no chemical cleaners. They work on a variety of surfaces, so it’s possible to clean your whole kitchen with one cloth! You can use furniture polish or wood cleaners/treatments and the cleaner will wash right out. I love washing windows with no ammonia stinkiness, too!

My girls and I use these cloths to take off makeup. Sounds strange, but with the cloth and water alone every stitch of makeup comes off. They’re great for sensitive skin! I travel with one of these, because I can take off makeup and not worry about chemicals that irritate my eyes. Makeup washes out easily, and we’re not using harsh cleansers on our faces!

I figure the cost of each cloth out to be just under forty cents, and the bundle costs less than one large pack of paper towels. Since I buy far less cleaner these days, I’m saving money there, too. I’m happy with the frugality of this set of cloths, as well as the cleanliness of my home!

Do you have any products or tips on how to clean frugally?


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