Lessons in Thrift Part 2

Life flows smoothly and happily when we have a good budget and habits that support frugal living. It’s been a busy few weeks, but we’ve still stuck to our budget. Here are a few of our thrifty habits.

*We use cloth instead of paper. Where ever possible and practical, we choose reusable items instead of paper ones. In the long run (and sometimes the short term) this saves us money! As spring is coming, there are a few cute Reusable Swiffer Covers in my Etsy shop right now. The cost is less than one box of disposables, and mine has lasted for years! I’m thinking of cloth napkins, microfiber cleaning cloths, and tea towels instead of paper towels. ***Caveat-we don’t clean toilets with cloth. Disposables do have limited use in our home!

*We shop the thrift shop. We donate things we don’t need anymore, and we go round the building to the front entrance and buy things we do need. I look at it as an even exchange! This week, we found a new with tags vest for my oldest son, who looks entirely too grown up in it! We found other items of clothing we need, and a purse or two that we probably don’t. I’m ok with a 2 dollar impulse buy!

*We use a drying rack. When possible, I’ll use a small drying rack for lightweight items, instead of using the dryer. That one appliance really sucks the electricity, so this helps long term!

*We’re making things to sell. With a few quilt sales this week, the aforementioned Etsy shop will need some restocking. My girls and I are putting our heads together to make a few things each that will pay off in the future!

*We make it ourselves. I’m saving pennies for fabric to make curtains for my laundry room. I could go out and spend plenty on luxury curtains, but it would be more fun to use our resources to make my own. This concept applies to all sorts of sewn items for our home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a few things we do in our household to make a dollar stretch! Once you start doing things like this, it becomes a fun challenge!


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