Thrifty Spending

Sometimes we have to spend money. It’s true, although I don’t particularly like the fact that it happens! Knowing sometimes we need to spend money for necessities, I’m trying to spend in a thrifty manner. Here are a few examples of thrifty spending this week for our large family.


*We bought a table. And seven chairs! When the neighbor and I agreed on a price, I thought I was getting six chairs. Turns out, she had a seventh, too. What she didn’t know is that these match the chairs we already have. Instead of spending a gagillion dollars on new ones, we found these at a yard sale price and they will extend the life of what we already own.

*I bought a few sewing supplies. If you’ve seen my fabric collection, you might laugh at this one. However, I bought items that were needed to make finished products for my Etsy shop. 

*We bought clothing at the thrift shop. Knowing the teens and pre-teens are growing fast, we bought clothing pieces at the thrift shop, instead of pricey retail.

*We saved on groceries. I was sent an $8 off coupon for a local store where I don’t often shop. It was fun to buy a few snacks that we don’t often get when shopping at Aldi. Speaking of Aldi, I shop there for normal grocery trips, simply because if you’re cooking from scratch, they have everything you need.

*We’re trying to grow food from seed. My daughter wants to see if strawberries will do as well in our sunny window as lemons. For this experiment (ah, homeschooling) we needed organic strawberries, soil, pots, and a stand. We already had everything except the strawberries, so that was a win! I’ve already got my mouth all set for strawberry lemonade!

I hope you’re encouraged by these posts to just make frugality a lifestyle. We’re not in a season of having all our bills paid off completely, but once we reach Baby Step 7 (Thank you, Dave Ramsey) we’ll still be looking for ways to live frugally in order to give to others!

Happy saving!


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