Stitch Fix Plus Sizes

Stitch Fix is finally open to extended sizes! Stitch Fix is a neat shopping service that pairs your body type, personal style, and budget with cute and unique clothing or accessories. To date, this service has only been open to the small, medium, or large build crowd. Now, if you are more petite or large in size, the company is ready to find your perfect clothing matches!

I’m excited, to say the least! Many friends have already used the service and found wonderful wardrobe additions. I’m in a bit of a personal rut with my jean skirt and my tees. (Always with the identical jean skirts and tees.) Add a low bun, and that’s pretty much my uniform. Stitch Fix should help me break out of that rut!

I’ve been encouraged by A Tray of Bliss blog to take a little more time for personal grooming and care. Time to develop my own style and take care of little tasks that help me look my best. I’ve felt great in nice clothing, and my husband is very happy with the small changes! I studied my body style, then took time to put together a few new outfits from my own closet. I also spent time on my nails and skin. Those tasks were free, but have made a huge difference in my appearance. I hope Stitch Fix will be another step in the process to find a style that works for me!


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