Not Called to Quilt

I was working on laundry the other day. Actually, I was very happy to be doing laundry! Early that morning, I’d been praying over what the Lord would have me do that day. A thought occurred to me, amidst the clean clothes. I’m not called to quilt away my life.

I like to quilt. It’s my hobby. I’ve been known to quilt instead of clean or make homemade meals, because I do really enjoy quilting.

But my calling, the thing that I know the Lord wants of me, is to be wife and mother. I’m a stay at home mom both because my husband would like for me to be, and because I have strong convictions that someone must care for and teach our young people! As an extension of that, we’re also a homeschool family. This is my calling, my work.

After dinner is made and dishes done, I’ll survey and see if there is other work to complete for the day. In my quiet hour or so before bed, I’ll probably hand sew some binding into place. I’m thankful for the corrective guidance of placing my hobby back into the hobby category!


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