DIY Nail Care

Keeping up with nail care isn’t a difficult or time consuming task. Nothing seems to ruin my polished look more than having my nails dirty or jagged, though! In recent years, I’ve made the effort to file and clean my nails once a week, which seems to be about the right timing for me. Other than weekly touch ups, I do a DIY manicure each month. This can be done the same day as your DIY Facial, or done in another snippet of time!


Manicure Materials: baking soda, soap, small scrub brush, nail file, lotion, gloves or socks, polish (optional)

Scrub your hands with a mixture of soft soap and baking soda. This treatment will really brighten up any dark spots on your hands and make your skin soft and smooth. Use the small nail brush during this cleaning, just to be sure you’re getting under the nails.

Once you’re scrubbed clean, dry your hands and then cover liberally with lotion. There are a plethora of DIY lotions available on the web, so try one that you know soothes your skin; you can substitute store-bought or even use a natural oil like olive or coconut. Cover your hands with a pair of socks or cotton gloves and let them sit. This is an awesome time to watch a little tv or do something that doesn’t involve hands! Let sit until soaked in, usually only ten minutes or so for me.


Take the gloves off, then take the time to really detail your nails. If you have a full manicure kit, learn what each item will do. I keep this step fairly simple, and file a little and snip hangnails.



If you’re interested in polish, you’ll need to rub off the lotion from each nail before painting with a little nail polish remover. Then polish as desired!




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