The Applique Bug Has Bitten

I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing Applique class over the weekend! I was almost too last minute, but a sweet friend allowed me to take her ticket! Instead, she spend her National Quilting Day sewing with a different group of ladies from the guild, and we joined up in the afternoon for sewing, chatting, and eating a bit of chocolate!


I started class on a good note. I’m using Liberty of London fabric with a linen background. Liberty is fabric sold in the UK, and it’s quite difficult to attain here in the good ‘ole US of A. It has a distinct look, which I like, unfortunately for the wallet! Many of the prints are well suited to applique, as the flowers or motifs are small.

The pattern is a fleur de lis, which has a gorgeous rich history! It seemed so fitting for my first “real” applique. I’ve done many handwork pieces, and a few even applique ones. But this is “big girl” applique, doing an entire block. The pattern was designed by our teacher, so it is copyrighted, and well it should be!


We learned the ins and outs of making the pattern, then transferring it, then getting our stitches just so. It was thoroughly fascinating to watch a master applique artist and learn the techniques for this design. I’m falling hard for this type of handwork, and I see so much more of this in my future! Here’s the current block, all ready for the next leg of the journey!


Do you love applique? 


2 thoughts on “The Applique Bug Has Bitten

  1. I can’t believe you finished the block that you just started this past weekend! Good for you! My favorite quilts combine piecing and appliqué, but I am often in such a hurry to finish a quilt that I bypass appliqué.


    • I do so wish I could say it was already complete! I’m finished with just the center portion in this picture. I look forward to showing the entire design once it’s finished! I’m enjoying it, though, as it’s one single block, with not too much commitment! I think piecing with applique would be gorgeous!


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