Cleaning 101

I’m often surprised at the little things that we’ve adopted over the years that really make cleaning simple and fast. I don’t enjoy cleaning, but I love a clean house, so I say let’s get to it and clean it quick!


*Wear a cleaning apron. I’m so much more likely to clean if I do it when I have a few minutes to spare and it doesn’t require me to change clothes.

*Gather the tools. I keep my cleaners in a bucket with a handle so I can carry it from room to room.

*One room at a time. Pros know to clean an entire room, then move to the next.

*Use a checklist. Trust me, I’m not going to remember all the details for every room!

*Clean inside and outside appliances. If you’ve printed my spring cleaning checklist, you’ll notice that I don’t specify inside and then outside of the dryer etc. I don’t check that item off the list unless I clean both the inside and the outside. Dishwashers, the fridge, the oven, the microwave, etc.

*Don’t marathon clean. I don’t try to complete my entire house in one day for spring cleaning. If I’m trying to clean for company or for us, I use the 45 minute/15 minute rule. 45 minutes to clean, 15 minutes to either do something else, or sit down and rest!

*Music helps. I love playing an upbeat playlist when cleaning. That certainly makes the time fly by!

*Use a timer. I like cleaning for 15 minutes a day. That keeps the house reasonably clean, and I don’t have to run around like a spazz when company comes! When I’m done, I get to do something more fun than cleaning!



2 thoughts on “Cleaning 101

  1. I am the same about cleaning but like a clean house. It is like the old saying: There is more than one way to skin a cat, but no way you can do it and the cat like it. That is me and cleaning. I just don’t like it. When my grandson was little he would say, I can’t like that. 🙂


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