Marriage 101-Finances

So many marriages end because of finances! I want to encourage you that the numbers are just numbers. They may be hard numbers to deal with, or they may be good numbers, but the amount of money you have in the bank does determine the type of person that you are!

All that said, its wise for us as wives to consider this money thing. First of all, women, his finances are your finances. Even if a divorce should happen, for the rest of your life and beyond, you are tied to each other monetarily. When you understand from day one that you are on the same money team, in the same boat, its not too bad! You learn to pull together. This means that when he wins, you win, and vice versa. Many times we as women can “win with money” by helping our husbands keep what they earn.

There are whole websites devoted to helping wives be frugal, so I won’t add much in terms of nuts and bolts. I do have a series about being thrifty and our frugal habits, so those are things you can learn as you go. The basic mindset is simple, though. Wives, lets be  a blessing to our husbands financially. This is one of the many things the writer of Proverbs was talking about in Proverbs 31:11. “The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” I would prefer to be the type of woman that can be trusted to use money wisely, than the old cartoon of Wilma Flintstone saying “Charge it!!!” My husband says often that he can go away for six months and know for certain that he can come back and there will still be house and cars, money in the bank, and his bills will have been paid during that time. He can safely trust in me!



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