A Short Vacation


I had the distinct pleasure this past weekend of traveling overseas. My husband and I had four days in England to just hang out and tour! With just those few short days, we needed to narrow down what we really wanted to do. I can honestly recommend that if you only have a few days, identifying what you like best is the key to having a relaxed and fun weekend!


His request was to tour a museum. Those are sort of “his thing”. He enjoyed the armory room at the museum we visited, The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. I enjoyed the textile artwork there, too! It was a beautiful place, so we were both enthralled by the building itself and the stonework. The trip took a good portion of our day, but we both came away from that day very happy and content!


One of the other days we were there, we visited a town center-a cobblestone street that did not allow cars and was lined with various and sundry shops. I spent a few minutes and only a few pounds in a small craft shop, called a haberdashery in England. I think I could be a proprietor of a haberdashery! I may have to work that lovely word into my shop title on Etsy! =} Anyway, I was able to pick up some fabric that I wouldn’t normally be able to find here in the States. I also found a small antiques/junk shop. It was super fun to find a few small items for souvenirs. I don’t need another tee shirt, but a glass thimble for one pound? I’ll take it! My acquisitions easily fit into a small box to mail home!

We also toured the coutryside a great deal, and we found we were far happier than we’d have been in the city. We generally ate well, and one of the places we liked best was the Brampton Mill. It’s an old mill, turned restaurant, with incredibly good food!


Where are you traveling this spring or summer? Will you also be looking for a textile/craft shop? 


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