Airplane Sewing

A little jaunt to England is not exactly a hop skip and a jump away. It’s a very long plane ride! To break up the time, I brought along some hand sewing. I had hexies cut from Liberty fabrics, and medium sized papers already cut as well. With a small sewing kit, these two items were enough to sew a pretty little center for my Hettie Hexie Mini Quilt.  This little quilt has been popping up all over my Instagram feed, so I purchased a copy of the instructions, and I’m working with the sizes I had already cut. I’m looking forward to the hand quilting part!


Incidentally, I wasn’t given any trouble with these items in my carry on, even on an international flight. I guess I either look like a quilter, or it has to do with having the whole set of things together! I was able to accomplish quite a bit of sewing, as you can see, because I started with just the papers and the cut hexies! =}


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