This week has been a busy one! Preparing to truly celebrate the Resurrection is one of my favorite activities of the year. I feel slightly defeated because my beloved is not here with us to celebrate, but it’s so, so important to see joy amidst the circumstances.

Along the lines of homemaking, I find that I prefer a clean house on holidays, even when there are no guests expected. I’ve pushed this week to finish Spring Cleaning the common areas of our home-kitchen, living room, dining area. It will be wonderful to have that part of the chore complete before Sunday arrives!


I’m also on the lookout for a pretty little round table, just right for two. When my husband and I were visiting England, we preferred room service to bustling restaurants, and would like to be able to recreate that experience at home. Mr. Wonderful was excited at the prospect of a kettle and some tea or coffee offerings for mornings in. I’m on the hunt for a pretty pedestal table, and two comfortable chairs. I hope to have it set up within a few weeks, to include a basket of coffee, tea bags, and tea cookies. While those are not expensive items, they will be a blessing to my home and marriage!


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