Cleaning with Audiobooks

As I went through my home spring cleaning this year, I found an unlikely companion! As it turns out, I could listen to some audiobooks all day, while cleaning especially. Before I know it, the work is complete, and my head is full of new and old favorite stories. The books listening certainly made the chores seem much quicker!

If audiobooks catch your fancy, and you’d like to know more about the latest in technology concerning how to get them (some even free), I strongly recommend Anne Bogel’s blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy.  If you have even more interest in her and all her delightful conversations, she also has a podcast called “What Should I Read Next?” Personally, I love Audible. If you get on the email list for Modern Mrs. Darcy for her Kindle deals, she almost always includes Audible deals as well. Often you can buy the ebook, plus narration, for much less than a paper copy. When it comes to novels, this seems like a great way to take in information.


***My disclaimer about audiobooks and ebooks is often a quilt book is not quite right this way. I have bought digital copies of quilt books, but somehow haven’t ever made the patterns from said books. I love a downloaded digital pattern, just not an ebook of patterns. Just my two cents!

5 thoughts on “Cleaning with Audiobooks

  1. I love audiobooks and listen to them while I am sewing/quilting. I borrow mine from the library and use them on a CD player in my sweat shop. I have a dog (Sami, The Wonder Dog) that was house trained with audiobooks. When she was a puppy I would take her to potty every time I changed the tape. When we went to visit my son in GA I took along several audiobooks for the trip. Every time it was time to change the tape Sami wanted to go potty. 🙂


  2. I have listened to all of the “What Should I Read Next?” podcasts. And I have read several new books (or listened on audio) based on recommendations there. Not all were great for me, but it has certainly broadened my reading life. Great podcast!

    Another tip – Audible seems expensive to me. I use OverDrive app and check out the audio books from our county library system. Works pretty good.


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