Master Bedroom Vignette

I mentioned the other day that I was on the lookout for just the right table and chairs for my master bedroom. Hubby and I thought this would make the space more retreat-like! I decided to visit two of my favorite places for good bargains, Pier One and TJ Maxx. I had scouted chairs at TJ Maxx, and I really thought I would buy them, too! However, my trip to Pier One was far more fruitful than I could imagine.


I came home with a table and two chairs, each from a different local store. You see, my closest store had one chair for a great price. (Who buys one chair?) They scouted for me and found another store nearby that had the other chair. By the end of the day, I had table, two matching chairs, two semi-matching pillows, and a cart. The cart was filled with fabric that was formerly housed in a storage basket, in order for the basket to join the table and chairs in the master. Isn’t a shuffle always in order when you do something new in the house?


I’m looking forward to lazy mornings at the table with hubby, and to using some of that favorite fabric that I ‘found’ during my organizing! =}


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