Stash Depth


It’s no secret. I have a closet full of fabrics. Some might say I have a problem. Others, like other quilters, think I’m weird for not keeping enough fabric on hand!

I find that when there is enough fabric, there is no need for stress either way. I like that concept of enough. It’s what you need, without being overwhelming! I’d say I have enough fabric. It’s considered a small stash by other quilters, and I’m ok with that. If I can finish my projects, then what more do I need?

I do love one particular thing about having fabric on hand. I’m almost never at a loss. Even with a small-ish stash, I can go into my closet and find what I need sitting there on the shelves. I would call that, “fabric depth”. When I can pull enough matching fabric for a baby quilt on a whim, it’s enough, or just right!

The other thing I love about having some fabric on hand is that I’m able to make a carefully curated collection. I don’t buy every fabric on the market. I don’t buy every modern fabric that’s popular! I buy only the things I really like a lot, my favorites. As a result, I am often able to go in and pull out an older piece of fabric that matches my project well, and that is fabulously pretty. Using a mix of older and newer fabrics gives my projects a more organic, handmade look. I prefer it to a quilt made from all one line of fabrics!


2 thoughts on “Stash Depth

  1. I totally agree, using a mix of different fabrics, both old and new of your favorite fabrics is definitely the way to go, rather than buying an entire collection. I hate to see quilts these days where people have used charm packs or other pre-cuts and immediately, I know whose fabric they used because it looks all the same. I wish quilters would have more confidence in themselves to choose the fabrics that go into their quilt. I almost feel that a quilt that comes from just one fabric collection, is flat, Well that’s enjough of me ranting! Sorry. My stash isn’t that big either, I am trying to keep it small but useable.


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