Enjoying an Event

Somewhere in my readings in life, I came across some sage advice. An older woman said she enjoyed an event three times, not just once.


First, she fully enjoyed the anticipation of the affair, whatever it might be. She took time to think about what to wear and how to arrange her hair. Those things require a knowledge about what will be appropriate but also becoming. Learning what is becoming on oneself is often a trial and error in front of the mirror! I certainly understand looking forward to dates with my sweet Mr. Wonderful! I think about what he will like to see me wear, and what makeup he likes. Obviously, if I’m looking forward to a tea or some other outing, my wardrobe, hair, and makeup change! In this modern age, I’d like to also point out that I will often find the place beforehand online, to know the price of a plate of food or get driving directions. I gather paperwork or needed items in my handbag, as well! Sometimes this step requires a nap in the afternoon of a late evening event!

Second, she enjoys the event itself to the fullest. She doesn’t mar the day or evening with complaints or negative thoughts. She doesn’t worry about her adornment. (Well, she did put thought into that before!) She’s prepared for the details of the event previously, so she has no need of getting lost or not having the needed ticket/paperwork/confirmation numbers. She often has a mental list of interesting and current topics to discuss with friends or husband. She’s able to keep the conversation flowing! She purposes to find the good in the event and in her company. She takes good pictures!

Third, she enjoys the retelling and remembering of the event. She tells friends or family about the fun time, and goes through the pictures of the event(s). She spends enough time thinking over her fun time that she knows her favorite part of the day or evening. In this modern age, I often will set a picture from my latest adventure as my background on my phone or computer! If a picture is particularly meaningful, I will upload it to a picture site, like Shutterfly, and have something neat made! The visual reminder of the trip, day, or date allows me to really enjoy the event a third time (or possibly infinitely more)!


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