Great Wolf Lodge Tips


We’ve been to our nearest Great Wolf Lodge about three times, and we’ve learned some valuable lessons that I thought I’d pass on to you all! If you’re interested in quilty goodness, not to worry. I have a sew day planned with some new blocks! =}

First, take snacks. We have a large family, and even something as simple as snacking can get expensive if you’re eating out! We take a few salty and a few sweet snacks, which is especially good for late at night when other food venues are not open!

Second, just get the locker. I know it seems like an unnecessary expense, but it is totally, completely worth every penny. For me, it means I get to swim instead of guard the stuff! Lockers = a liberated mom.

If you have both boys and girls in your crew, the smart thing to do is to take two swim bags. Then the girls and boys can change at the same time. You wouldn’t think this is necessary, but wow, it is a time saver! Also, at the end of the day when everyone is tired, it saves lots of headaches!

In your swimsuit bag, tuck some plastic grocery bags. It keeps wet things quarantined, and dry things dry! Incidentally, it also keeps personal things separate!

Always book with a coupon code. Groupon has these from time to time, check the GWL website for great ones, and don’t forget to do the simple things like becoming a member of their rewards programs and writing good reviews!

When you book, try to remain flexible. If you tell the booking agent that you want a specific night, but are open to a variety of rooms, he or she will work to get you the best rate. Also, the best way to book is to have no plan! (Well, maybe a little bit!) If you’re able to book for “a weekend in July”, the booking agent can get you the very best deal, especially if you don’t want a specific room!

Use your best manners. When booking or interacting with any staff at GWL, manners matter. You’ll get amazing service that way, I promise! Besides, this one is always good advice! =}

I hope if you’re booked for Great Wolf that you have an amazing time! If not, maybe it’s worth your time this busy season. I must admit, it is an extremely relaxing place for moms!


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