My Travel Block

As you may know, my guild is hosting a block swap in a few weeks. I signed up for the category of “travel”. Since my latest travel was to England to visit my husband, I took the opportunity to make blocks that are somewhat like the union jack. I played around with the colors, since every flower seemed to be in bloom while I was there!


Today, as I look at my tribute to the lovely UK, I’m reminded that without some backbone and vigilance, the country will not be there to enjoy much longer. I think to myself, “How long will we (meaning our nation and other civilized countries) just take the attacks? How long will we let this ‘ride’? What is the last straw or the tipping point?”

No one seems to be making a big deal out of who is perpetrating these heinous acts. No one seems to make the connection between refugees and terrorism. No one wants to see the actual pattern of violence, and from whence it comes. Who has to die before people care that war is ugly, and a world demographic is waging war on you whether you like it or not. Those thoughts aren’t pretty, and for that I’m sorry. They are, nevertheless, true.


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