A Memorial

This day. This one day a year that is set aside to be a day of tribute to fallen soldiers. As I don a traditional, conservative dark blue this morning, I wonder halfheartedly how I will spend this day. No picnic or barbeque planned, no cabinets full of chips and dip, or brats marinading in the fridge. Mr Wonderful isn’t here this particular weekend to fire up the grill, as business carried him out of town.

This quilt is from previous year’s patriotic sewing.


Most years we do something I call “cocoon”. We hole up at home with some good food, grill meat, and keep to ourselves. We avoid social media. We most certainly avoid stores and anywhere we are likely to run into someone we know! We take care of ourselves, perhaps giving ourselves time to heal.


In other years, I have sewn for Memorial Day. My tribute to the fallen has been to meet emotional needs of the wounded by make a Quilt of Valor. Many times my Memorial Day QOV went to a soldier I didn’t know personally. Today, as I work on a new QOV, I’m creating a pattern as I go. Today’s quilt will go to someone in our circle, but it is also a tester for making new patterns, for breathing new life into my own quilting journey. These fabrics will be a comfort to me today, and soon become a comforting quilt!

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