What Am I Reading? #2

Over the next few months, I want to introduce you to what I’m reading right now, and how that affects my growth as a Christian, mom, and wife! While Bible reading comes first, I often make time to read other things that really impact my life! Today’s book is just one of those amazing, smash all your preconceived notions kind of books, which I LOVE! It’s called How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character.


This book! Oh my goodness, what a fun read! It’s a quick read, too, so perfect for teachers or homeschool moms and dads. I’m hoping Mr. Wonderful will have a chance to read it this summer as well, and we can compare notes on where our children are, along with how we can help them learn necessary character skills to succeed.

You know, we all know that one guy or gal that completely messed up high school. They messed around and got bad grades, barely graduating, etc. They usually don’t go on to college right away, or they go to a local school that isn’t a “top schools” choice! However, they put their mind to doing something awesome. They start a business, or take over dad and mom’s business. They work hard, and they learn new talents. One day, the class clown becomes the leader of the pack of your class! This book is really telling about why that works, and about how we can help our children develop tools to succeed in a real world environment!

As a homeschooler, that is often my focus. Sure, they can do geometry, but can they balance their checkbook? Sure, they can conjugate french verbs, but can they write an essay for a scholarship, an email or memo for work, or a professional development? They can learn, but can they teach others? Real world success doesn’t always follow classroom successes, however it is so important to teach both kinds of work in your homeschool! It’s important to teach them how to “adult” as my teens say!

Without giving the whole of the book away, I’ll tell you that the author thoroughly details many of the different character strengths that successful people have learned. He explains why those strengths help a student in college, and also the workplace. For example, determination is a character that many college graduates have, which allows them to see the end result and stick to the work involved! With only one in four college entrants finishing the race, stick-to-it-aveness is a trait we need to cultivate in our children!


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