Tackling that Big Project

I wrote an article a few weeks back on the book, The Miracle Morning. It was such a great catalyst for good things in my life! I realized during one of my miracle mornings that I wasn’t doing much of what I had promised myself I would do in the last few years.


In January, I often promise myself things like, “I’ll grow my business this year,” or, “I’ll write that book.” As resolutions usually go, I lose steam about mid year, other priorities take over, or I’m just plain distracted by other shiny new quilt patterns or hashtags! After reading The Miracle Morning, I decided to do some of those things that I wanted to do! My next book choice was a primer in business.

As quilters, there is a certain amount of time we spend sewing for others. That’s right and good, I think. However, it changes the game when you throw in a project that you’re trying to accomplish just for the sake of doing something new, huge, and out of your comfort zone! That’s how we grow as people and as quilters!

If you’re on the fence about a big project, or about a technique or idea that seems too big to accomplish, I want to encourage you to go for it! I want you to begin to narrow what you want, and think of ways you can learn to make it happen! There are always steps in a large project. Why not take one? Or two?


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