Quilts of Valor

Some of you, dear readers, know my Quilts of Valor story. Some do not. I’ll try to be concise as I summarize it for you here.

I became involved in QOV in 2008, when I sent an email letter asking the foundation what I could do at Fort Bragg, near my home at the time. I made some great connections over the following months through my husband’s channels, but also through QOV and through word of mouth. (I think I told everyone I met that year!) From 2008-2010 I was involved in a group that still makes Quilts of Valor, and also in awarding the ones we and other quilters made. Oh the people I met those few years! When I got involved with QOV, I thought I was trying to do something for others, but it was my privilege to quilt and to award those quilts. I was blessed beyond anything I could imagine, and many of our (my family’s) own deployment wounds were healed in that process!

Fast forward to today, years since I made a Quilt of Valor. I gave away a Quilt of Valor in 2014, and have neither sewn nor awarded a QOV since. I honestly thought my time with QOV had ended, and that I would spend my charitable quilt time and dollars in other ways. I hemmed and hawwed about the idea of “branding” and “membership” a few years back, so I really had no plans to return to the fold. Until……..Mr. Wonderful told me that in his new position, he works with several veterans who have been “touched by war”.

Last week, I made the choice to begin a new Quilt of Valor. Now, I’m learning that I need to be a member to use the QOV system to ask for a longarmer, etc. I will cross that bridge when I get there. For now, I know that this is personal. I need to do this for people I know, as opposed to the ones I didn’t before. The need is finite, and I’m enjoying the process immensely. While I love to quilt in general, there is something special about sewing to honor and comfort a veteran!


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