Patriotic Sewing

WordPress prompted me to write a post a few days back, and I thought of all the sewing I’d been doing lately! I want to wait and show you all more finished quilts, rather than half finished projects. However, I can show you cute bits of what I’m working on lately. I’m sewing with patriotic colors, which makes me very happy, I’m learning! I feel as though I am in my element when quilting with red, white, and blue!




2 thoughts on “Patriotic Sewing

  1. I like the colors you chose. Hooray for the red white and blue. I have been thinking of sewing a red and white lap quilt but I have to finish my current project.
    I will be glad to see your finished quilt.


    • Thank you! It’s really nice to sew something “in season” like patriotic quilts in June/July! I don’t always get to do that! Your red and white quilt sounds beautiful already!


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